A love of vintage, 1 year of no new clothes (and counting), and a sustainable fashion brand. Janelle Duff is truly working on making a difference in the fashion world.

Have you ever met someone who stands up for what they believe in by making meaningful actions? Well, Janelle Duff of Rosery Apparel is one of those people, for me. Janelle is the designer, creator and owner behind Rosery Apparel. The connection between her brand and her own style really shows through and makes her pledge for sustainability in fashion so strong.  Being able to see an issue, and adjust life to account for the negatives, speak up about the issue and put words into action to make a difference is very inspiring. From love of vintage and sewing, Janelle is creating a business to make a sustainable alternative available, to mass-produced, unethical fashion.


Inspiration for the Rosery Apparel label

Janelle has been sewing since she was a young girl. During high school she ran a small business, selling her handcrafted goods at local markets. Since then, her passion for design and sustainable living has been influenced by her studies in Environmental design at the University of Tasmania. As a maker, developing products and a business is an ever evolving process. Janelle has transformed her skills from local markets and childhood sewing from purses into gorgeous, well-crafted ethical garments

Janelle spoke about how she was a little bit obsessed with a particular, vintage inspired fashion label a few years ago, only until she read a sustainability report which highlighted how unethical her favourite brand was. Inspired to make a difference and not support unethical production, Janelle took it upon herself to create her own version of the garments, from sustainable sources. Upcycling old table cloths into gorgeous garments and of course, onto the development of Rosery Apparel is where this lead her.


The manufacturing process behind Rosery Apparel

All of the Rosery Apparel collection hand sewn by Janelle herself, in Launceston, Tasmania in her homely studio. Before any sewing occurs, the fabric must first be sourced. One of the amazing aspects of Rosery Apparel is where the materials are sourced. Janelle spends time cruising the op-shops for old, gorgeous table cloths, sheets and other materials that will later be repurposed into her collection. Upcycling and repurposing unwanted goods is a fantastic way of reducing the need to produce more material and cause more harm to the environment through waste or harmful by-products from the manufacturing process.

It is not easy to develop a unique sewing pattern. Janelle has revamped old vintage style patterns into new, modern version of the former. She says that creating garments by paying attention to the small details helps to create garments that last a long time. Her collection comprises of gorgeous dresses, and skirts for the ladies, plus complementary bow ties for the men. Janelle hopes for people to be able to experience her garments and the story that comes with them, knowing that what they are wearing is truly supporting both environmental sustainability and ethics in the way of human rights.
Rosery Apparel workspace handmade in Australia

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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


What is quality to you?

“It’s all about the way the clothes are made. By giving attention to the details and taking time to make quality pieces that will last for a long time, without falling apart.”

We spoke about how fast fashion provides us with easy and cheap options which may seem like a good deal at the time of purchase, yet will most like be thrown away after a few months once the poor-quality garments begin to deteriorate or break at the seems. It goes down to the materials used and the methods implemented in creating the garments that influence the lliespan.
Table Cloth Skirt - Turquoise

1 year without buying new clothes

In her pledge to support a sustainable fashion industry, Janelle set herself a challenge; to not buy any brand new, unethical clothes. One year in, she is going strong, with a great success rate. Choosing to buy second hand, make your own, repurpose, or go without is a great way to individually make a difference and make a stand against un-ethical production. Of course, any challenge would not be a challenge with out some difficulties. I asked Janelle what the hardest part of her challenge was. “Finding underwear and stockings is definitely the hardest…”
rosery apparel op shop finds

What needs to shift in the fashion industry?

“I want to see more garments made by hand and more time spent on giving attention to the details.”

A very thoughtful blog post on sustainable fashion, the brand Dangerfield and the Baptist World Aid Ethical Fashion Report is up on the Rosery Apparel blog.

Janelle hopes to spread awareness of the negative impact of the fashion industry on our world.

“we need to work together to raise awareness and to keep the trend [towards sustainable fashion] growing.”

See Rosery Apparels collection on MIAS Market here.


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