“I am very passionate about caring for the environment and providing reusable, rubbish free items that can not only make our lives at home easier, but also help ensure a healthier planet for our children.”

Cheryl from Wrappabees is certainly passionate about her new product and method for reducing waste. Her enthusiasm and energy really showed through over our coffee, at a gorgeous organic café near Glenelg, Adelaide.

If you haven’t heard of reusable food wraps, here is how Cheryl explains them:

“These are a fun and environmentally friendly alternative to your everyday plastic wrap.”


Do you know how much plastic wrap you use? Every year the average Australian family uses approximately 400m of plastic wrap. That is a lot of plastic that cannot be recycled. It ends up as land fill and takes hundreds of years to break down. Food wraps are a fantastic way to completely remove glad wrap from daily life. The question is, how do you convince someone that it is worth the switch? More importantly, how do we get the younger generation to understand and switch to a waste free lifestyle for the future?

Cheryl lives in a plastic free house and acts to make her lifestyle and habits catch on to her family, particularly her son. She says “Parents behaviour influences kids strongly” and she spoke of how important it is to set a good example for the young ones.

Wrapabees products have been specifically designed so that they are appealing to this family market. The Fun, bright, colourful patterns are appealing to young kids as well as Mums (they also do custom orders!). The visual appeal of the reusable food wraps certainly lowers the barriers to giving them a go.


“It is important to have ethical products that are appealing and encourage mum’s to try new things. The transition takes time.”


How do you get kids to go plastic free?

The influence of parents and teachers is paramount to the behavior of kids. Cheryl believes that it is up to parents and teachers at school to set a good example and educate kids on the importance of reducing waste. Slowly but surely it will catch on. Her son, at just 10 years of age happily uses the wraps every day and loves inventing new ways of using them. Cheryl spoke about how her son’s current teacher is very much up for promoting a waste free lifestyle and has found that other young students are catching on and are ok with using alternative items for their lunches, instead of disposable plastics.


What is your top tip for Mum’s aspiring to live with less plastic?

“Start small. Changes take time.”

Cheryl spoke about how having an open mind and acknowledging that a switch to zero waste will take “You cannot change everything at once and expect to have changed your habits for life.”

All of wrapabees reusable food wraps are handmade in Adelaide, Australia, from Aussie beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil.

Are you willing to try the reusable food wraps, or have you already tried them?


See the reusable food wrap collection available on MIAS Market.

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