Mias Market mission

  • To increase awareness of quality, Australian handmade products which support a sustainable lifestyle and to support local businesses in the industry.
  • miasmarket.com.au is an online marketplace and community for makers to share and sell their products while community members can shop, learn, and be inspired to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Why was MIAS Market born?

  • We constantly hear and fear the news of our changing environment – the devastation, pollution and destruction humanity has imposed on our earth. Instead of creating more garbage, let’s use what we have and create useful-beauty. Let’s grow our own sustainable fibres and nurture our environment. Let’s use our own hands to create the items we use daily.
  • From this idea, the thought of creating a collection for items made in Australia sustainably came about; hence the name MIAS Market (MIAS = Made In Australia Sustainably).
  • MIAS Market is here for the consumers, the small businesses, the hobbyists and Australian companies who have woken up to sustainable living.

How it works

  • As an online marketplace, makers open up their shops an list their sustainably made items for the world to see. Buyers are able to purchase directly from the sellers themselves. Every seller and item listed on miasmarket.com.au undergoes a review process which compares the items to a number of criteria including the materials used, the methods used in the making of the item, the use for the item, the presentation and the sellers customer service (just to name a few). This way, only the best of the best form the MIAS Market collection.
  • Every Monday, a new range of sustainable products will be released. Make sure you are subscribed to the mailing list (see bottom of page) to be the first to find out about the latest, often unique, one of a kind products.

What qualifies a sustainable product to be listed on MIAS Market?

  • Must be handmade handmade in Australia
  • Must support a sustainable lifestyle through at least 1 of the following
    • Use eco-friendly, sustainable fibres
    • Use upcycled or recycled materials
    • Locally sourced materials
    • Or by providing a long lasting alternative to an otherwise “disposable” product

A sustainable marketplace for buyers

  • Find all of your gifts, home wares, clothing and unique handmade Aussie items in one place. You can rest assured, knowing that all items on MIAS Market are meticulously reviewed to ensure only the highest quality, highest craftsmanship and a certain level of sustainability exist in all products. It is not just your needs that the gorgeous items fullfil, but also the stories of craftsmanship, dedication, passion for our environment, and commitment to providing customers value that makes each craftsperson on MIAS Market worth your time. Become lost in the stories.

An all Australian sustainable marketplace for sellers

  • MIAS Market provides a platform for your high quality items to be presented amongst a collection of exquisite, unique, Australian, sustainable items. Such a collection attracts the perfect buyers.
  • The elegant platform provides all you need to securely sell your products directly to buyers, meaning you hold onto a generous profit.


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